House of Pain X Diamond Quickstrike!

Das ist mal wieder eine Collabo der besonderen Art, so wie man es aus dem Hause Diamond ja langsam gewohnt ist. Hier der offizielle Text:

In commemoration of one of the most iconic hip-hop groups in history and their classic
1992 self titled album; House of Pain and Diamond Supply Co. will release a
collaborative project celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘HOUSE OF PAIN’.
The 1990’s were truly the Golden Era of both hip-hop & skateboarding. And it is no surprise
that to this day they still have a massive impact on fashion, music, and lifestyles
around the world. Without question House of Pain’s musical
influence has been seen throughout hip-hop and youth culture for decades . Stylistically
through their fashion, sonically and visually through their music and videos, House of Pain
has made a major impact that is celebrated globally.. Their infamous single Jump Around
from 1992 is one of the most recognizable hip-hop tracks ever recorded and released.
Music, art, fashion, and skateboarding culture all go hand in hand and we commemorate
that fact with this Diamond x House Of Pain capsule collection.

Order Deadline ist Mitte/Ende August, Release dann Mitte Oktober.
Hier schon mal Augencandy!

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House of Pain X Diamond
House of Pain X Diamond Hoodies
House of Pain X Diamond Cap
House of Pain X Diamond Snapback Cap H.O.P.